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Connecting estates with their rightful heirs for over 50 years...







Kemp & Associates is committed to reducing the number of estates claimed by the government to ensure that people’s hard-earned assets are shared with the families they leave behind. Our knowledgeable, dedicated, professional staff utilizes the most current and thorough research methods available to locate and verify an estate’s eligible heirs and beneficiaries to secure for them their rightful share of the estate.

Our corporate headquarters are located near the largest genealogical library in the world, the Family History Library. We also have our own extensive and continually growing research library and the latest in digital and online research tools at our disposal, as well as dozens of skilled researchers throughout the world. These resources allow us to compile evidence of heirship and construct legally admissible exhibits and genealogical charts available for use in court.





When an estate is left without a will, or when heirs are not easily located, the government may claim the decedent's assets. It is our commitment to integrity that inspires us to ensure that estates go to their rightful heirs.

For half a century, Kemp & Associates has been a trusted leader in forensic genealogy and probate research, and has developed a reputation of responsibility and dedication to our clients and industry partners. ​

We work with experts and research facilities around the globe, compiling a complete genealogical record for each estate and for the benefit and on behalf of the heirs we work for.




When someone dies without a will, or heirs to an estate cannot be found, unclaimed assets may be claimed by the government. Kemp & Associates prevents this from happening by locating and verifying the estate’s rightful heirs. Our mission is to see that assets are distributed to the proper family members. If we have contacted you, we have identified you as a possible heir to an estate.



We offer peace of mind for attorneys, trustees, and other fiduciaries responsible for distributing the correct shares of an estate to the rightful heirs. If you have an estate with missing or unknown heirs, we can help ensure that all heirs are properly verified and that no heirs are overlooked. Searches are made at our expense, so partnering with us will help you to find all heirs with ease. 


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Salt Lake City, UT 84047
Fax: 801-944-7322

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