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Here at Kemp & Associates, we work side by side with attorneys, trustees, executors, and administrators in locating and verifying an estate's heirs and beneficiaries, both nationally and internationally. Our company requires no out-of-pocket payment from our clients, and instead works exclusively on a contingency basis. We get paid only when we are able to prove a person's right to an inheritance and secure that inheritance for them.


If we have contacted you, we have likely identified you as a potential heir to an estate. While some estate administrators attempt to find potential heirs, few have the means to definitively locate all heirs. At Kemp & Associates, we have the resources and the expertise to identify all rightful heirs to an estate.

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I. We ask for no upfront payments. Proving you are an heir is done at our expense. When the estate’s assets are distributed, we receive an agreed-upon percentage of your portion of the estate. We never ask for any form of out-of-pocket payment. If we do not successfully prove you are an heir and secure a portion of the estate for you, we do not get paid.

II. We prove that you are, in fact, a legal heir. Once we have a signed agreement, we begin the legal process to prove that you are an heir to the estate in question. This is the longest phase of the process and requires that we provide the court with certified records (birth, marriage, death, etc.), as well as a detailed genealogical chart demonstrating that you are an heir.

III. We keep you notified of your case's progress. ​Throughout the process of proving your claim, our team will provide updates of progress we have made. After we have received your assignment, we will begin collecting the necessary documentation to prove your claim. The estate will then be organized for distribution, which usually requires an accounting and inventory of the estate’s assets.

IV. We provide final distribution of the estate's assets to our clients. In most estates, after an accounting has been filed and a distribution schedule verified, you will be notified the estate is ready to distribute and you will receive a check in the amount of your inheritance, minus our fee.


Kemp and Associates is a group of forensic genealogists that investigates estates to ensure all eligible beneficiaries are identified and that no heirs have been overlooked. Our principal product is peace of mind for attorneys, trustees, and fiduciaries who have been vested with the legal duty to distribute the correct share to the correct heir. Since 1966, we have successfully advocated on behalf of thousands of heirs. 

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Searches are made at our own expense. We are compensated by way of agreements with unknown or missing heirs assigning us a percentage of their share. This relieves fiduciaries of

expensive and time-consuming genealogical research, while ensuring that the diligent search requirement is satisfied. No fiduciary can have a greater incentive than we do. We go without pay if we fail.

If you have an estate with missing or unknown heirs, we would be happy to discuss your case. Please e-mail us at or reach us by telephone at 801-944-7311.

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